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    Vere Diongzon
    Jehan Ramadhan
    there's someone?
    Is there any document about vue2-leaft
    Hi @dyanggenyong, what kind of document ?
    Rhitik Bhatt
    Hey there! I was wondering where is the documentation of the project.
    Brad Koehn
    I can't find the documentation either. I also appear to have run into the dreaded "gray boxes" problem with flexbox.
    Matt Voboril
    hi! i'm working on building a map that consists of an overlay and multiple geojson's. right now, i'm able to load all of the geojson, so i know they're working, just trying to figure out how to move those geojson to a layer control so they can be multi-selected to use multiple at once
    George Kinsman
    Found the documentation here for anyone who's wondering https://korigan.github.io/Vue2Leaflet/#/
    though that was a while ago :D
    Hi guys! There is someone there? :)

    I have .vue file after generate project by vue-cli, like this:

    export default {
      data: () => ({
    <style scoped>

    How i can include leaflet here? Thx

    George Kinsman
    @MrFFC0CB have you added the vue2-leaflet package? registered the components you need?
    Huberto Kaiser Filho
    Hello! I've started a new plugin. Its called vue2-leaflet-draw-toolbar. You can see it here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/vue2-leaflet-draw-toolbar
    The idea is to start an implementation and begins to colaborate with the project.
    Hey, guys! I'm trying to use the leaflet-side-by-side in Vue2Leaflet.
    mounted() {
        this.$nextTick(() => {
          this.map = this.$refs.myMap.mapObject;
          this.layer1 = this.$refs.leftLayer.mapObject;
          this.layer2 = this.$refs.rightLayer.mapObject;
          L.control.sideBySide(this.layer1, this.layer2).addTo(this.map);
    This works in PC browser and android, but in ios, the map can't be dragged. Please help!
    hey guys
    leaflet not showing complete map when i'm using it in my container , i know its confilict css issue with my template but i didn't figure out what the problem
    did you face with this?
    its just not fit the container
    if i use it outside the container its ok , but in the container not showing very well.
    @Aaronliu2016 i have i qst please
    @KoRiGaN i need help

    Hi Guys, How to change marker icon on click of the marker?? ```<v-marker-cluster :options="{ showCoverageOnHover: false, }">
    <v-marker v-for="mark in markers" :key="mark.lat" id="marker" :lat-lng="mark.coordinates" @click="getRegionMarker($event,mark)" :icon="markerIcon" >


    </v-marker-cluster> ```