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Jan 2015
Jan 16 2015 03:59
Hey all, is there a way to have vundle in my dotfiles repo? I tried cloning to .vim/bundle/Vundle.vim within my dotfiles repo but when I git clone and launch vim, it shows errors like when Vundle isn't installed. And in the repo, the .vim directory is ignored and doesn't show in git status. How do you all do it?
Dan Nixon
Jan 16 2015 06:08
@Coaxial You could use Git submodules if you really wanted to do that, but I'm not convinced there is much point to having the plugin its self as part of your config repo.
Filip Dupanović
Jan 16 2015 08:09
@Coaxial use something like and provision Vundle. See it in action at
Iacchus Mercurius
Jan 16 2015 08:29