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Why does vundle split the screen?
@SatyamK23 the syntastic plugin has Python support built in. It takes care of syntax checks which is really handy. Color coding is built into Vim by default I think for python. Check out the plugin index at https://vimawesome.com/ too, there's bound to be some Python specific ones in there. There's instructions there how to import them using Vundle btw.
@chris-fa you could set up a vim binding to do that for you. You can start a shell command from vim with :!<command>. If you bind that to some key combo it's pretty easy to trigger every time you install a plugin.
I am new to vim and vundle
I am trying to install python-mode
what should my vimrc look like
Ryan L McIntyre
@itadder See the readme > Quick Start section number 3: https://github.com/VundleVim/Vundle.vim/blob/master/README.md
@itadder the plugin line would look something like:
Plugin 'python-mode/python-mode'
@Henry-E Honestly I am confused at the question. Can you elaborate? What do you expect instead?
John D.
hello. did someone already try color_coded.vim plugin?
what actually happened was the vundle update option was on by default
it was just confusing and annoying to have it update every time but i figured it out eventually
For vundle do I have to reinstall everytime I enter vim for the plugins to work?
because for YouCompleteMe that seems to be the case
Ryan L McIntyre
@octopusarms No that shouldn't be the case. Do other plugins work when entering vim?
Hello, I have installed Vundle successfully but don't know how to install vim autosave plugin https://github.com/907th/vim-auto-save). The installation section is unclear to me. Can anyone help? :)
what shall I have to put under my .vimrc as a plugin for this?
aah, nvm.. it was far easier than I expected.. just had to add Plugin 'vim-scripts/vim-auto-save' to .vimrc
Ryan L McIntyre
@eljokero ?
Hello there!
I want know whats the difference between Vundle and spf13.. I just know spf13 distribution and Vundle is plugin manager.whats the advantage spf13 to Vundle
I am a newer .....
Wang Shidong
spf13 is not updated, you can have a try with SpaceVim, the gitter room is https://gitter.im/SpaceVim/SpaceVim, and if you prefer config vim yourself, I recommand you to read vim-galore
Hi guys
I was wondering how I could install youcompleteme with vundle
Batuhan Baserdem
@diwangislucky You install it like regular, then you need to run install.py in the vundle/youcompleteme directory
Somdeb Paul

Hey I have cloned the Vundle.vim from the GitHub page as they recommend here on this link:

However, after that I do not what is the vim dotfile they speak of. Is it the .vimrc file in the home directory?

Jacob HIlker
hi guys, I am trying to clone the vundle file onto my machine but I'm getting an error saying "unable to resolve host" - any fixes?
Wang Shidong
@chxuan oh, hi
James Fraser

I'm having a chicken-egg problem with vim and Vundle; I have a colorscheme defined in my .vimrc that originates from a Vundle plugin. When I call vim +PluginInstall +qall, given the .vimrc is parsed before Vundle has installed the requisite plugin, I get an error:

Error detected while processing /home/james/.vimrc:
line   33:
E185: Cannot find colour scheme 'onehalfdark'
Press ENTER or type command to continue

Is there a general way to circumvent this problem given I'm trying to automate all the things with a wrapper script?

James Fraser
I solved this with silent! colorscheme onehalfdark
in my .vimrc
Sovanda Chhour
Sovanda Chhour
I'm just start with Vim and I want to install plugin for JavaScript. Is there anyone have recommend JS plugin for me? Thanks.
Gustavo ChaĆ­n
how does Vundle works with vim8 pack?
I'm a bit confused
Anyone here? How does this work?
Anyone here?
Maxim Therrien
Samuele Bertollo
Hello, is Vundle still active developed? I've red it's been deprecated, but I hope not.
I am trying to install the airline plugin
I pressed 'l' (lowercase 'L') to see what error messages when :PluginInstall occurs error, then how to come back to the :PluginList screen?
Wang Shidong
@chxuan hello :)