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Nov 2015
Sharon R. Tinkey
Nov 20 2015 01:48
I didn't have any trouble changing field objects to label in Data Sources window or changing table object to Detail. No problem disabling add/edit/delete either. But now the previous/next buttons are grayed out and can't be used. Not sure why.
Katrina Siffrinn
Nov 20 2015 12:56
When editing the DataGridView tasks, are your button properties enabled? It sounds like somehow they became disabled.
Sharon R. Tinkey
Nov 20 2015 17:47
Yes, everything else works just fine. I ended up adding Next and Previous buttons which I didn't like. If I had had enough time, I should have started over again.
The book didn't explain much of anything in this chapter. It just walked you through doing stuff. I found this chapter a bit confusing. Although I did begin to see comparisons with what they were doing and with SQL and other things. It seems like all these languages are doing pretty much the same thing, just giving everything different names and syntax.
Gary A. Newsome
Nov 20 2015 23:58
I generally find the entire book to be that way. Do this, this and this. But never the why.