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Nov 2015
Gary A. Newsome
Nov 22 2015 01:00
Joy! Though if I never get into Access this may not be an issue lol
Gary A. Newsome
Nov 22 2015 02:22
public service announcement... in case you did not realize, because I certainly did not... Starting with chapter 12 it appears Laura requested screen shots as well as the zip files of our solutions.
Sharon R. Tinkey
Nov 22 2015 16:18
Yeah, I almost missed that the first time. I just put the screen shot doc in with the rest of the files that get zipped.
@garyanewsome, having Access before you take this class would help but I don't see it as a big deal. The SQL that's in the book is explained enough. You may be able to get permission to wave the prereq. Or take them in the same semester.