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Dec 2015
Sharon R. Tinkey
Dec 17 2015 18:47
I like the the cake, @garyanewsome ! Cute
Everything looks graded now. She took off 5 points from the final project and the comment was "Great job!". Must not have been that great if points were taken off. Wish I knew why.
Samantha Shurie
Dec 17 2015 18:50
That stinks! :( I wish she would leave comments as to why the points were removed
Katrina Siffrinn
Dec 17 2015 20:39
Seriously! I think she takes points off here and there just to make it look like she looks at the work... nothing else seems to make sense. I'm sure we all did well though! Hope to keep in touch and maybe see you all next month!
Sharon R. Tinkey
Dec 17 2015 21:16
Could be. But we're done so it doesn't matter any more.