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Oct 2015
Luis Herranz
Oct 02 2015 09:37
Hi there!
Nice project :smile:
Can this be used in the client?
We want to access the WP-API from the client, not in node.
Luis Herranz
Oct 02 2015 09:51
I mean, in the browser
Baptiste Briel
Oct 02 2015 12:16
@LuisHerranz: Of course! That's the point of the REST API. You just have to make an AJAX call
I guess you could just use browserify to make it work in the browser ;)
Luis Herranz
Oct 02 2015 15:01
@baptistebriel so does it work with browserify? That would be awesome.
K Adam White
Oct 02 2015 15:33
@baptistebriel @LuisHerranz I know that the library is being used from the browser, but I haven’t done extensive testing of that myself. I am actually about to release a version that will enable nonce-based authentication, which may help the client-side use case
@LuisHerranz If you get it working in the client, it would be awesome if you could write up the process so we could add it to the README! no pressure obviously
Luis Herranz
Oct 02 2015 16:51
@kadamwhite sure, I will try with browserify and will let you know.