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Mar 2017
Mar 11 2017 16:50
Hello guys what's up :) I'm a bit confused maybe someone can help clear up this process ? I' working on a chat bot on messenger and am looking to build something akin to this login process that available for this bot : . Would need to use this login with oAuth I guess to authenticate against a wordpress instance ? Is this even possible ? From what I saw on the website it's set up with and when trying to login with facebook from the wordpress site I have to go through a 2 step process either link and existing account or create a new one. So would basically need to skip this step ? Can node-wpapi help with this ? So would like to post directly from messenger inside word-press. The only resource I could find was this ? Would this help get an oauth token I can use to both register and login against the wordpress instance from node and make a post ?
I have like 200 tabs opened right now and can't think of how to make this work .. I think it doesn't even need to authenticate against wordpress .. maaybe have a different service where I can save the questions coming from messenger chatbot and sync them up with the posts inside wordpress so they would show up in wordpress also. But not sure how to have the replies to the wordpress post show up back in the messenger window.
K Adam White
Mar 11 2017 17:01

Hey there! Not sure I totally understand what you're trying to do, but:

I have to go through a 2 step process either link and existing account
I think that is just how authenticating with WP is going to work, I don't know that you can work around it

And this library doesn't currently support oauth, unfortunately
Mar 11 2017 17:05
hmmm I see maybe could bypass the whole process maybe have an express backend on the same server as the wordpress instance that can accept the requests coming in from the chatbot and write directly to the wordpress database ?
Yea basically there's an anspress plugin running on Wordpress instance where people can ask and answer questions. And would also like to ask questions coming in from the chatbot.