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    Hans Meyer
    Hi there, is anyone actually using this?
    @aelassas how do I contact you about Wexflow?
    Arash A. Sabet
    @aelassas Hi Akram, can this code be ported to .net standard (.net core)?
    Hans Meyer

    Sorry for not getting back to you, it's been busy days :|

    I was going to share my thoughts about the architecture. I was thinking about something similar that @Arash-Sabet is proposing, but a little broader.

    The Wexflow Core should be an independant NuGet package in my opinion. It should provide just the engine part (Tasks, Workflows, Scheduling, etc.), the xml necessities and basic file system tasks. Being an independant library, it can then be hosted in a Windows Service for production (as is now) or be run as a standalone executable (which would make debugging custom tasks way easier) or even be embedded in applications.

    I was also thinking about replacing the xml parsing and fields in the Core classes with object serialization means provided by .NET. This would also provide the classes as the "schema" for json or other serialization targets.

    Since you seem to own the Wexflow namespace in GitHub, there could easily be a "Core" project that we could start polishing the Core on. The current project would then be able to reference the new Core as a NuGet package

    What do you think? I think I can write up the changes for the Core implementation that I have in mind this weekend, so maybe we can get serious on this soon if you like it

    Hans Meyer
    Is there something you already have in mind? I just planned to rip out the XML parts to make the Core classes more independant of there XML representation.
    Also: whats inside that nuget package? The complete Wexflow project?
    Hans Meyer
    Great, I'll take the time to look into it tomorrow. :+1:
    I also try to make my ideas visible for the Core
    Bryan Vam
    is this project still being maintained?
    Eric Newton
    Hello. A couple of questions:
    Q1: Does Wexflow have a REST api (or any kind of API) that can be hosted separately?
    Q2: Does Wexflow run on Azure as app service? For the moment, Azure App Service cant do LiteDB, but can host MySql
    Hello, I am unable to find an workflow activity to send an email. There are 2 activities MailsSender and MailsReceiver. But those does'nt have an option for email body and Email CC options. Would like to know the best approach to send an email in workflow.
    This message was deleted
    3 replies
    Misko Lee
    Hello all, i am joined it from vexflow: 0xfe/vexflow#481
    did it's the right place for talking vexflow or just wexflow ?
    I find the existence of the Wexflow project has been removed from Internet since Feb 04. What happens?
    Also wondering what happened to this project
    cannot found on github
    any one has the least release of wexflow?