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Nov 2015
Grant Douglas
Nov 03 2015 10:47
Hey, I have a few issues with the usability of Signal for iOS, I was going to open issues on the github but figured I'd run it by everyone here. On droid, resetting the secure session is simple, scanning and verifying someone's identity is also simple. On iOS both of these things are difficult to find and I had to Google it to actually figure out where these options live. Also on droid the lock icon beside each message provides instant visibility as to the verification status of the other party. This doesn't seem to exist on iOS or at least I can't figure out the verification status of a given contact.
Grant Douglas
Nov 03 2015 10:52
Actually verification status was raised in #739 and I can see that it's locked, so I guess you've made a decision on that point but the others still stand. I misunderstood the padlock on Android which I guess means sent via Signal or sent via regular text (no padlock)
Cole Fortson
Nov 03 2015 17:11
So if I want to connect to my own database, how do I do that?
Nov 03 2015 18:45
@hexploitable signal doesnt send regular text so all messages are secure