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May 2017
Frank Monroe
May 09 2017 19:58
Hi. So glad I found this place. I'm learning Catel & Orc & all that, tough learning curve, I'm no quitter. I have an issue with the orc:FilterBoxControl: it simply does not show, neither in design mode nor in debug mode. I prepared a pdf with screen shots and explanations. Can I forward this document somehow ? It's a very short read. This is likely a newbie problem. I would appreciate all the help. Thanks.
Geert van Horrik
May 09 2017 20:00
Hi @fmongeau You can create issues with attachments in GitHub. But probably it's the styles not being included.
Geert van Horrik
May 09 2017 20:12
For follow-up, see WildGums/Orc.Controls#22