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Tim Potze
Great, all folks in
Colin Liu
Fatih Zor
Devesh Khandelwal
Does anyone know what was the demo of Wox (on README with pressed keys showed in the left corner) recorded with?
search issue
very good
1.2.0beta run wpm install is erro
1.2.0 after last windows 10 update don't work at all
Abhishek Tripathi
after using Launchy for many years .. I have decided to move on to something new
sadly WOX crashes all the time
Wox.Plugin.Runner throws Method not found: 'Void Wox.Plugin.IPublicAPI.ReloadPlugins()'.
@AbhishekTripathi open issue on github. you need give wox version. installed plugins names / version, logs

I am maintainer of wox at package manager for windows "Chocolatey"
Peoples ask me to update it there. But I am no longer use Windows :)
So can you update it? May be I need to give you some permission?

Chocolatey have docs for automating updating it from your builds

no, tell them the support for chocolatey is dropped. since wox can auto updates now.
But for first install they need fresh version =)
what do you mean by fresh version?
Something newer than 1.1.1
I mean that chocolatey package need to be updated. Ok I'll update it later
Nils Strelow
Heyo, how active are people here? ^^
I have no experience in C# and I really dont want to install visual studio 😃
But let me say I really love Wox, exactly what I need
Nils Strelow
It's really easy to write a python plugin for it, already did so :D
how is python support coming along? Is it possible to write plugin settings in python or do I need something like a config file, which a user needs to edit manually?
I want to get involved and help on Wox if thats possbile
active? not really ...
python support for settigns: currently no...
Makesh Vineeth
this is a great alternative to listary but expect for few bugs such as the search box won't hide on startup even the option was enabled under settings
also sometimes i get "Everything service not running" even the service was running
plugins like currency converter takes forever to load...i think they just don't work
an english offline dictionary plugin is much appreciated :)
also wikipedia plugin that shows the some content right within the search result would be good..just like Mac Spotlight
why wox so slow
老版本某次电脑蓝屏后 就爆plugin的nullpointException错误 然后看到issue里面有人也提过。然后更新到新版本。错误不报了。但是一输入直接出现一个没有信息的错误框。。
Lovin wox BTW, im just adding so many techstacks that im not quite proficcient with it yet... well done.
Love that fats-overlay autocomplete hotkey mapping interface concewpot.
So many people could save SO much time if they had everythiung setup and learnt it.
fast*-overlay sorry.
Rene Brokholm
anybody here
Rene Brokholm
i am creating a plugin called vs-project-lunch
but there is not that much info on how to create an advanced plugin for wox.
I got my plugin to open vs with solution - missing serching for solution to open. (right now it opens its own sln file in vs)
hello, somebody alive be here? :)
Miguel Olave
someone has an example or doc link with plugin developed in Python with a custom setting interface??
I want to make a plugin, but it could be great set up some params in Wox Settings interface.