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    One of the objectives of police training is that students graduate with the skills to become experts in policing and to develop policing: writing a thesis serves this objective by promoting both learning and the development of expertise. From a learning perspective, the student should develop from a writer who reproduces information to a writer who builds new knowledge, which serves the development of professional life.

    Aim and purpose of the thesis
    The aim of the thesis is to develop and deepen the student's knowledge and skills and working life skills: knowledge search, broad application of knowledge and skills, evaluation of own work, and written and oral communication skills. Usually the publications in the https://essayassistant.net/ are prepared in accordance with all the rules. For some students, the thesis is a first glimpse into the world of work to the world of scientific writing, while for others the thesis is familiar from their previous work previous studies.
    The thesis for the degree in police (bachelor of arts) is 15 credits. It includes introductory lectures, thesis workshops and thesis seminars.
    In doing the thesis, students will practice the skills of independent and goal-oriented work, finding new approaches and solving problems in a holistic way.
    Through thesis work, students learn to implement step-by-step work processes and develop themselves as expert communicators. The aim is for students to develop an analytical approach to working methods, an active attitude to work development and the ability to analyse work at individual, organisational and professional levels.
    and the work environment. The aim of the thesis is to contribute to an increase in the level of investigative learning in the police service.
    Each discipline and educational institution has its own practices and guidelines for thesis work. The practices set out in this guideline have been established over the years at the College of Police.
    is intended to facilitate the process of outlining the thesis process and practical work. It focuses mainly on providing guidance on the layout, language and structure of the work, but also attempts to describe
    the different stages of thesis work. The guide is intended to be clear, comprehensive and also suitable for self-study. The idea is that, once the process and layout of the work have been the design and layout of the project, the student will have time for the most essential work, i.e. the search for information and to work on their own ideas. The guide is structured in a chronological way: first the choice of topic and how to start writing, then, for example, the characteristics of a scientific text,
    and then, through the various stages, to the finalisation of the finished work, publication and submission of the maturity report.

    In these guidelines, the author of a thesis is referred to as the writer, the student and the author, and the thesis is also referred to as the thesis and the work. Before writing an essay in English, read https://essayassistant.net/buy-compare-and-contrast-essay/ - We have tried to make it as useful and practical as possible. And if I had to take a break from studying English - definitely. The term 'report' refers mainly to a written document on a functional thesis.