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Aug 2015
Hitesh Sondhi
Aug 18 2015 06:52
@tjlian616 you don’t need to play with NDK to use this library
Sorry for the delayed reply, but its better late then never :-)
Will Li
Aug 18 2015 21:58
@hiteshsondhi88 thx for the response! I have successfully run my build with your existing .so files. I still have one question, in, the first line is # Build for arm only , the second line is APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a x86. I'm confused what the comment mean by building for arm only?
Hitesh Sondhi
Aug 18 2015 22:36
@tjlian616 then that comment is just a typo
current FFmpeg supports arm arm-v7a x86 archs