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Sep 2015
Sep 19 2015 07:44 UTC
@Tooto Hello. I was trying to do smth like this, but with video and it wasn't successful. So, as I understood it's impossible cause of ffmpeg cannot do parallel decodings in one execution.
Maybe I'm wrong, correct me please and I'll optimise my own code =))
@vocalist I has the same problem when I was trying to execute ffmpeg command with "-ffmpeg ...". Instead of this use directly "-y -i ..."
For example:
-y -i concat:/storage/emulated/0/video1.ts|/storage/emulated/0/video2.ts|/storage/emulated/0/video3.ts -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc /storage/emulated/0/result.mp4
Without ' <- this symbol.
Sep 19 2015 08:36 UTC
@cldcloud thanks that problem solved, but now I have another problem I give ffmpeg this command : cmd = -y - i /mnt/sdcard/example1.3gp -vf drawtext="text='example':x = (w-tw)/2:y=(h-th)/2" /mnt/sdcard/example2.3gp it just make example2.3gp and it doesn't contain any video. can you help me how should I execute this command?
Sep 19 2015 09:20 UTC
@vocalist I haven't work with such issues, I just concatenated videos and merge it with audios.. Sorry.
But I can advice you one thing: try to experiment with symbols like " and ' . Sometimes I observed that some commands with this symbols in ffmpeg documents doesn't work, but without them or if I replaced them - it was working good.