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Sep 2015
Sep 29 2015 07:14 UTC
@rusucosmin Htllo.
I that that the problem is that you're using "ffmpeg" and "<- this symbols. Try this command:
-i vidoo.mp4 -filter:v crop=720:720:0:0 -c:a copy vidoosqared.mp4
Guys, does anuone know, is it real to make video filtering faster? I mean, I'm concatinating multyple video files with cross-fade effects. This operation it too long. Maybe I need some special options for source videos or maybe there is some ffmpeg commands to doit faster?
I'm already use -y and -preset ultrafast, it helps, but summary the time is too long
Cosmin Rusu
Sep 29 2015 19:57 UTC
@cldcloud thank you, using no "<- this sign helped. Thank yoooou.