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Jan 2016
Jan 07 2016 12:36 UTC
@hiteshsondhi88 Awesome job putting this together, respect. I tried importing the app into Android Studio and had two errors show up on compile. The first is : private void checkFFmpegCommon(final String cmd, final File outputFile) {
Log.d(TAG, "start : "+outputFile.getAbsolutePath());
try {
ffmpeg.execute(cmd, new FFmpegExecuteResponseHandler() { // In this part it says found string required string []
The next is @Override
public String getLibraryFFmpegVersion() {
return context.getString(R.string.shipped_ffmpeg_version); // cannot symbol resolve R
Jan 07 2016 12:43 UTC
Can you please me what is going on with the cmd being declared a String[], but then being used as a string. Also what I am missing for R.string.shipped_ffmeg_version. Thanks!