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yes I will have to do that
While you are at it, you might just be able to add the lcd driver stuff. But I am not sure what that process is like
If you figure it out, please document the process with all the commands you used to mount the image and all of that and put it somewhere. I would like to see it.
I do have the hash of the root password in a txt file somewhere.
I was going to try to see whether or not it could be cracked easily or not.
But replacing it is probably the better way to go
Hi Any xyo devs ?
What's the Derivative Address Path for the Koven Test Network to see if I can find if my private key is different with same public key. I disconnect from my internet service provider to use my REAL Secret Seeds (Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue or Ledger Nano X is a waste) for! This offline does reveal my Public Address of m/44'/60'/0'/4 which 4 is Public Address for the Main Ethereum Network with Private Key too! Also I was able to create my 12 Secret Seed MetaMask words from besides from my 24 Secret Seed from Ledger Blue or Ledger Nano S. Which means I was able to import my Ledger Blue to MetaMask. Also is what helped me get the m/44'/60'/0' for the Main Ethereum Network. Also if you can find the Derivative Path, you can find your lost coins! Like when I look at in Derivative Path m/44'/60'/0'/0 on, I found a LOST ETH that I used before but still has a balance!
Xyo Bug Bounty program is on ?
Just as I thought! The Kovan Test Network uses Derivative Path: m/44'/60'/0'/0 with MetaMask! I saw that with Now if I plug m/44'/60'/0'/0 in, I should get my private key! I might not look back at The Main Ethereum Network & just go with The Kovan Test Network since XYO prefers The Kovan Test Network. I checked the Derivative Path m/44'/60'/0'/0 & does match The Kovan Test Network in MetaMask chrome plug-in & Any way The Derivative Path: m/44'/60'/0'/0 is where I found my lost Crypto ETH Coin! Now I know The Main Ethereum Network & The Kovan Test Network are on different Derivative Paths!
I don't get it! I imported my address on MetaMask that was on the Derivative Address from m/44'/60'/0'/0 on Kovan Test Network & it's not there! Then when I switched back to The Main Ethereum Network, I saw my small ETH on The Main Ethereum Network. I don't see importing to The Kovan Test possible right now. MetaMask is still reverting to The Main Ethereum Network
Hey nice job everyone....
Are the bridges with the new image collecting BW yet or is it still phone app only?
Hello, I just got into the XYO Matrix. Pretty cool stuff here. I am curious, what is happening to all the data that is presently being collected. I have been on COIN APP for over two months now. I received my GEO Mining Kit and set every thing up, including doing all the firmware updates to sentinels and the bridge. I travel between Wichita Falls and Dallas, Texas on a routine basis and I do not see any of the data my sentinels have collected displayed on the heat map. It is as if I do not even exist there. What is going on?
So my xyo network imo has stopped working I have an I phone 7 soo this just happened about yesterday that i noticed that my BW is gathering and everything is going well but under the purple bar where it sais [Bound witness on device]>Total xyo Nodes: ### that number has been at a stand still since yesterday so these are the things I did and noticed well I thought maybe i should reinstall my app and it technically reset my crypto BW number was at like 4.5k and then i noticed that doing so made a new bridge lol, since there is no delete option on the phone i waited till i got on my comp so me logging in on the xyo app through the website, one thing i noticed is that is listed i only have 20 crypto BW on all devices, so as i try to delete a bridge theres only an option saying cancel? and doesnt do anything,then i click my archivist tab and the alphanode sais it wasnt responding on my Bridge when i logged in it is connect to port 1100 & 1101 tried to write that down get this note GraphQL error: Archivist does not exist or is not responding, hope this info is useful ha
Just got a bridge and having connection issues, anybody come across this issue
Wired or wifi?
Hey friends, I submitted an XIP that is geared 100% toward potential node operators. I am interested in feedback.
@carterharrison @NateBrune
Its XIP 4 in the geo hacker forum, feel free to comment there for cohesion.
hello. is there an alternative method to claiming a Sentinel after it's Reset? I reset a Sentinel and gave it to a friend, but the app claims the Sentinel is still claimed by another person.
@carterharrison @NateBrune Can somebody restart XYO's archivist?
Looks like it's down
Sentinel does not beep or connect with COIN app. Any ideas?

I wonder if there is a way to make proof of origin the main net protocol. I don't full understand it. but I do know that there would still have to be a typical blockchain in the process. Somehow devices meet in the real world, kiss, & tell the network.

feels like there'd have to be a majority vote on new blocks mined.

I also know that there's a proof of work portion in the system. and I don't know how that fits in.

but if this somehow could work, i wonder if geo-mining would be less energy costly than PoW.

I used to think proof of hardware should be the base layer. Things like proof of work, or proof of capacity.
but really, I think proof of "something physical"... which would encompass proof of origin.

ive been noticing some requested by networks if i said that correct?
any who.....
last one was yesterday. if i get another will it show as easy as clicking any yes button.
thanx guys.
any suggestions. on going.ongoing.
FYI My XYO Bridge went to sleep or maybe logged out. I don’t see any menu options to do either. I may have inadvertently hit a key when moving my keyboard. My password was rejected so I selected the shutdown option. I restarted by power cycling the bridge and my password successfully logged me in.
nevermind to my last question. I was thinking from a perspective of trying to make xyo the core rewarding system of a network

From what I've gathered, the protocol is live, to some extent. I believe that's what was showcased last year at Spacial.

but I've also heard that there are further developments.

Can I run proof of origin today?
I want to know how fast I can demo something in production.
proof of origin combined with elected BW's

I just ordered the whole package and extra sentinals. Do I get a confirmation? Email?
I'm excited to be a part of this and intend to spread the word like wildfire.
So i have not checked on my stake in a while
i cannot seem to find any information regarding my staked transactions...
kinda frustrating. --> 0xE02C14bBeF0a3dcB620335E10F7346953aa0A8dc is the FHR address that it was staked under any ideas?
Hello everyone
What's up everyone?
Quick question I'm trying to setup my matrix specially when clicking xyo in wallet all I get is a loading sign and nothing else. Anyone know what's the issue?
Brandon M Jordan
what data do i put in for party 1 and party 2
Brandon M Jordan
when making a request
I am curious to why the archivist IP address is not listed for adding to bridge on the Matrix site? anyone know why, I thought I remembered seeing a column there before, could be mistaken though.
Hello All, I know Noob question, but how do I do queries?
You can do Queries here @kavale26