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    Datta Sai Krishna
    To help
    Seba Cabrera
    Anyone know if I could change the map background color? I would like to get it black
    Victor del Valle
    Hi, In Android Kitkat I only see a green screen with the text Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps. In other devices, it works. Is there any minimus version of Android? ty
    Hi , yesterday I got same issue ..
    Please uninstall Googleplay Google play base reference from Android . Defenetly it will work.
    Carl Barton
    @seba47_twitter https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/ You can create a theme and then add JSON file to the app and set it.
    hi, any update for newest Google Play Server
    I have created an Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMap in xaml. How can I get the underlying MapView?
    Seba Cabrera
    @cbartonnh ohh, great! I did not know this. I will try. Thanks Carl
    Hi Everyone is there a way in this plugin to draw shapes?
    Hello everyone!
    I tried to move from standard Xamarin.Forms.Maps to this one and I get this errors. Could someone give some advice how to resolve them? Thanks in advance
    Ehud Pinhas

    Hi all
    we start using xamarin forms google maps
    i download the demo from here

    I need a way to drow polygon and the user can resize it
    when the user drag the polygon corner the polygon change
    How can we do it?
    Best Regards,

    Ehud Pinhas
    Chris Viljoen
    Hey Guys, I started using Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps and Im getting an error when trying to run the ios version of my Xamarin App. "Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Win32.Registry, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." Can you please try and help us get past this error?
    Alon Rom
    Hi, Is there an option to edit a polygon by Drag & Drop its vertices?
    Brian Adams
    @cvil26_gitlab I am getting the same error your getting. Did you fix yours? I reviewed the example and added Xamarin.Google.iOS.Maps and Xamarin.Build.Download I get a different error: Xamarin.Build.Download.targets(3,3): Error: Did not find reference matching RestoreAssemblyResources AssemblyName metadata 'Google.Maps, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' (testApp.iOS). My teammate has this building and working with no Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps referenced in the iOS project. When I do that I get the same error as @cvil26_gitlab . I'll keep trying but any assistance or feedback would be appreciated.
    Hi @amay077 is this possible to achieve driving mode view in xamarin forms google maps? like this
    Need to show current location icon in bottom of the map not focused to centered. Anyone had idea?
    And also pin anchor property not working Anchor = new Point(0.5d, 0.5d) i'd tried like this to set pin icon in center. But it is not working. Am i did right?
    hi can I customize Info Window? Thanks
    Flesar Radu
    Hello! I want to put text into a circle on my map. How can I do that?
    Dziarkach Dzianis
    Hi, everyone! Anyone know why the PR(amay077/Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps#706) does not merged?
    Hi All, I am using Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps on a xamarin forms app. I am setting custom pins on the map however, no labels are showing. Can anyone guide me what I might be doing wrong?
    this is my code:
    var pin2 = new Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps.Pin
                Type = PinType.Place,
                Position = new Position(polyline.Positions.Last().Latitude, polyline.Positions.Last().Longitude),
                Label = "End",
                Address = "Pin",
                IsVisible = true,
                Tag = "End Point",
                Icon = (Device.RuntimePlatform == Device.Android) ? BitmapDescriptorFactory.FromBundle("stop3.png") : BitmapDescriptorFactory.FromView(new Image() { Source = "stop3.png", WidthRequest = 35, HeightRequest = 35 })
    Hi can anyone help please?
    hello i have problem with map in ios
    can any one help
    Stefan Cvetkovic
    Hello, anybody using Xamarin Extend maps? I need some additonal methods for representing all the pins and based on those pins to set map and zoom level (all pins to be visible on the mobile phone)
    Dolf van den Berg
    @amay077 Is it possibal to create navigation using Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps?
    Mustapha Yusuf
    I also want to implement this Feature in my App, and also Route as in google maps Android App.

    @amay077 Is it possibal to create navigation using Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps?

    use google direction API where you can get route lat,lng using that draw it on a map using a polyline.

    Flesar Radu
    Hello! I have a question, how can I use the existing google maps pins?
    hello everyone I'm a newbie I have a question hope that someone can help me I'm trying to develop a rider application with a Waze map I made already using a deep link connecting my problem the Waze open outside my app I want to open it once I click the button and it will appear the Waze map inside my app.sorry for wrong grammar hope you understand thank you..and Godbless
    BitmapDescriptorFactory.frombundle is support in UWP?
    Hello guys I wonder if is possible to create a custom InfoWindow with a picture on it
    Salvatore Aprile
    Hi guys, is it possible to have an event like EventHandler<CameraMoveStartedEventArgs> CameraMoveStarted but is raised when the camera is finished ?
    I need to change a icon of pointer when the camera finished
    is possilbE?
    Jeff Arevalo
    Hi everybody, can anybody provide me app demo For ios? Thnks
    Hello there, is there a way to edit the Pin template? and make a custom pin using xamarin.forms controls?
    or putting numbers on each pin
    (like a label or something like that)
    it's not possible for me to use images because there's more than 50 pins
    and I need numbers on all of those

    I have custom pins set up for Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps. I am reading them from existing .png icons which are transparent and do not have padding using the BitmapDescriptorFactory.

    My code is much like this article -> https://nerd-corner.com/how-to-add-custom-icon-pins-to-google-maps-xamarin-app/

    The problem? I need to place them almost on top of each other. There seems to be padding around the pin that does not let me click and place the pin almost on top of the other pin.

    I have tried setting the Z-index dynamically. I have tried the Flat option. I'm not quite sure what it does. I tried to set the Icon.View.Margin to a zero Thickness

    Vedat Ozkan

    Polyline polyline = null;
    polyline = new Polyline();
    polyline.Positions.Add(new Position(40.77d, -73.93d));
    polyline.Positions.Add(new Position(40.81d, -73.91d));
    polyline.Positions.Add(new Position(40.83d, -73.87d));

            polyline.IsClickable = true;
            polyline.StrokeColor = Color.Blue;
            polyline.StrokeWidth = 5f;
            polyline.Tag = "POLYLINE"; // Can set any object

    Android Device and Android simulator not working(showing) map.
    Help me