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Repo info
Collin Warren
@sgdc3 I was perusing the backlog and am I to understand that ownership of this repo has transferred?
Gabriele C.
we just moved the repository, @Xephi is still the project owner
@hsombini could you post your plugin list?
Our discord server: https://discord.gg/Vn9eCyE
@hsombini please create an issue
I'm off for the week – see y'all later ;)
Gabriele C.
@ljacqu have a nice time ;)
@ljacqu thanks for the offer, i dont have plan to get back to school.
have a good time
Hi there everyone
@hsombini That has been happening on my server too for a very long time, but I never thought it could be Authme.
I thought it was the skin restorer.
@MithrandirCraft it was not AuthMe fault, check your combatlog!
Fariz Luqman
does this plugin works with CraftBukkit 1.11.2?
Hi Fariz, it does
does this plugin works with CraftBukkit 1.12-dev2?
Gabriele C.
@lenis0012 it does :P
Amyway, we moved to discord, please don't contact us there.
Gabriele C.
AuthMe 5.3 is now released! Get it now from devbukkit ;)
Collin Warren
@sgdc3 Hey neat! Does it have SMF support?
How can i protect my bungeecord server, the people access with his bungee to my server with the ip . Or use a no-premium account, they access with my name and a false uuid.
Now my server is premium, with authme in the lobby and the ports of the other servers closed, but the people don´t enter to the server, is empty 24/7 :(
I am thinking do it no-premium other time, but i have the problem of this message...
I need block the access to the other servers with other bungees or false accounts...
by example, if my name is robi they access with the name RObi or Robi or RoBi... and i logout...
Collin Warren
@sgdc3 Have you been able to figure out the SMF hash yet?
Collin Warren
Is this dead?
Alexandre Vanhecke
@/all In case you didn't know, we moved a while ago onto Discord : https://discord.gg/8pZzXap
Ah when I remember times when I used this plugin :)