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Mar 2016
Mar 21 2016 14:54
Hi! I'm trying to configure email do I include in my my email alert, only 2 specific fields? Eg., field names are "Data" and "Template".
Quentin Long
Mar 21 2016 22:41
mzamora717: You can make the alert just the two fields by setting something like
alert_text: |
    Data: {0}
    Template: {1}
alert_text_args: ["data", "template"]
alert_text_type: alert_text_only
Where | is for yaml block text, then it will call string.format on alert_text with alert_text_args ({0} becomes the first arg, etc). Then alert_text_only will make the alert ONLY that text, otherwise it will also include stuff like "5 documents matched the rule blah blah"
@mzamora717 : ^