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Apr 2016
Apr 03 2016 16:11
INFO:elastalert:Ran Example rule from 2016-04-03 15:55 UTC to 2016-04-03 16:10 UTC: 1 query hits, 1 matches, 0 alerts sent
on rule type : any ?
Apr 03 2016 17:42
Hi @snirad you are running examole rule in silent mode. Create your own rule and put all required configurations . Run it with command python -m elastalert.elastalert -rule myrule.yaml
Apr 03 2016 18:10
Thanks! now its working, another thing I wonder
I set up the postfix to use amazon SES , meaning if i now do sendmail it will automatilcy send mail with amazon configuration, how can i make elastalert use it as well