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Repo info
    fabien thetis
    the stripe module will be available to download in June this year
    hi can you give some tutorial to upload it Amazon Web Service (AWS) and check. It seems its different with AWS.
    BTW, is there a API which can return json response (to mobile or any other client)
    fabien thetis
    @Harikumar200 , for the API you can checkout the doc : http://doc.ymple.com/doc/api/
    you just to a token in the backend
    when you can call the API to retrieve the product list, category list
    @Harikumar200 good point to have a tutorial to upload in AWS, it will come out further
    but you can deploy it for example in EC2 of AWS with ubuntu / centos / and node.js
    it works fine
    fabien thetis
    Stripe Module Available for in Version 0.1! Start to integrate Stripe in your Ymple. http://module.ymple.com/module/stripe/
    fabien thetis
    fabien thetis
    Webizz India Pvt Ltd
    Hi do you have multivendor solution
    fabien thetis
    @WebizzIndia_twitter not for the moment. But Great idea to include as a functionality
    fabien thetis
    @Wankar7_twitter hi
    avant tous je tien a vous dire bravo pour le travaille que vous faites
    j'ai une interrogation . je compte supprimer complètement l'api de payemant et la changer . je voudrais savoir quels sont les fichier qui seront potentiellement touché . (quels fichier je dois changer )
    Anthony Bonifacio Alvarez

    Hello, I have a trouble when i trying to run the ymple-ecommerce app with this message: C:\myrepo\ymple-ecommerce\node app.js
    throw err;

    Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Cursos\myrepo\ecommerce\app.js'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:555:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:482:25)
    at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:701:10)
    at startup (bootstrap_node.js:193:16)
    at bootstrap_node.js:617:3 any suggestions?

    fabien thetis
    @poseidon42 , merci , pour changeer l 'api de payment vous devez modifier les fichiers controller present dans le dossier /api/controller/core/api.
    ce dossier contient le logique pour les payment dans paypal
    fabien thetis
    @anthonyjba did you try the npm install first in the folder C:\myrepo\ymple-ecommerce\node
    Hello everyone. I am new here. Right now, I believe YMPLE is design as the following: the admin(dealer) is the one who ran the server and manage their goods. customer can create account and buy from it?
    fabien thetis
    @ccvuth yes, it is right. The admin create product , categories, set the price.
    The customer can register himself and buy product + checkout
    First, Ymple look very interesting since it build on top of Sails,
    Can I have some technical question,
    1. Why Ymple not put the Model in the Model folder like Sails does ?
    2. Is ther any easy way to use Reactjs As its front-end ?
    fabien thetis
    @cvhong 1 - feel free to add the Model
    2 - the easy way is to include the Reactjs in the front end template.
    @fabienthetis Thank you for ur response. If we can integrate reactjs into Ymple, I think it would be our team ideal solution. But would u have any sample best way to include reactjs code with Ymple? shall we remove most of Ymple Front-End code ?
    Hey @cvhong,
    Ya just recreate the .ejs templates + elements into react componenets and rebuild the views directory using react
    also this repo maybe might help https://github.com/mixxen/sails-react-example
    fabien thetis
    @cvhong your can integration directly the reactjs code in the front-end code.
    Prashant Mavinkurve
    where can i get the android source code?
    Peng Hailin
    I want to make your project into Chinese local small and medium company use.
    It's a lot work to be done.
    1, Chinese language support. 2, Payment methods support. 3, Logistics support.
    1. Social network support(wechat-side development).
    fabien thetis
    @need2think hi Prashant, the android code is private , but it exist an open source project based on ionic : https://github.com/Ymple/ymple-mobile-commerce
    Hi @gnu4cn the language supported is English for the open source version .
    you can use the i18n customization from Sails.js to easily to the Chinese language support
    with EJS
    Could anyone help to connect ymple-ecommerce package with mysql database?
    fabien thetis
    @nkghuge to connect with mysql you will need to replace the mongodb connection and query from mongodb to mysql
    hey how can i push localhost to mainnet
    how cam6i
    how can i push my website from local host to main net
    How can I install default version of ymple to my PC
    I can t find the repository
    what happen?
    Maidul Islam
    Hello is there a formal documation?
    fabien thetis
    Hi all, Ymple was moved to a private repository to build the Professional Version of the platform.
    You can know more about the professional version here: https://www.ymple.com