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Feb 2017
Feb 27 2017 15:36
@YoEight I'm unsure if that is related to the bug you can't reproduce
could be
really low chance of course :D
also I haven't forgotten about investigating it; just in my personal project I want to push out as many features as possible
can you elaborate on the smart constructors?
do you mean like create linked events or smth?
Yorick Laupa
Feb 27 2017 15:41
I'm not your boss, enjoy yourself :smile:
Feb 27 2017 15:42
btw, what do you think of this?
made one aggregate with it, turned out to be nice code (I think)
need to look into this later, currently at work :D
Yorick Laupa
Feb 27 2017 16:14
I'm at work too but write Haskell for a living :-)
let me skim your code real quick
looks good but we don't express our ES needs the same way
that's a good thing
because ES isn't made to be a t-shirt that fit every size
Feb 27 2017 16:19
well said :D