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May 2015
May 09 2015 13:45
I don't know where to report this, so I do it here.
Found a typo in the documentation : under "Methods and metamethods"
  • Instances have access to their class methods.
May 09 2015 13:50
also under "Inheritance"
  • A subclass can be derived from a class from any other class using a reserved method named extend.
  • The new subclass will inherit its superclass
  • -- Calls the old set() method in the mother class "Window"
May 09 2015 14:04
under "Mixins"
  • -- Let us define two unrelated classes
Sven Freiberg
May 09 2015 15:23
I seems like the page actually uses the readme markdown file from the github repository You may want to fork the project and create a pull request ;)
May 09 2015 19:44
@Dynodzzo , thanks for rporting all of these typos. @BlurryRoots is definitely right, you can submit a pull request. Just fork the repo, edit the README and fire a pull request. i'll be happy to merge!
May 09 2015 19:48
Alright, i'll do that :smile: