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Nov 2015
Andrew Kvapil
Nov 16 2015 13:50
Hello, I am thinking of using Jumper in a project of mine. I am not sure whether to go with A* or Jumper, so I decided to ask here. My game is grid based, with levels typically being 1000 times 1000 cells at maximum, and usually not very open but rather made of differently shaped narrow corridors (10 - 20 units wide) with a plenty of random shaped obstacles. The platform I am doing the project for has little computational ability, so I am looking for the most efficient implementation out there. Does this Jumper suit my project well (pun intended)?
Also, Jumper code seems to be pretty large in terms of disk size (not a good thing for my platform), but I understand that I can minify the source and strip search algorithms I won't use. Is that correct @Yonaba ?