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Repo info
    Welcome in this chatroom for Jumper, pathfinding library for Lua
    Just out of curiosity, why was I invited?
    Alexander Gladysh
    Same question here :)
    Hi all... Not for a particular reason. I have just invited mostly everyone who starred the repository, so that we can all discuss on how to improve this project and expand it with new features.
    Andrew Kvapil
    Hello, I am thinking of using Jumper in a project of mine. I am not sure whether to go with A* or Jumper, so I decided to ask here. My game is grid based, with levels typically being 1000 times 1000 cells at maximum, and usually not very open but rather made of differently shaped narrow corridors (10 - 20 units wide) with a plenty of random shaped obstacles. The platform I am doing the project for has little computational ability, so I am looking for the most efficient implementation out there. Does this Jumper suit my project well (pun intended)?
    Also, Jumper code seems to be pretty large in terms of disk size (not a good thing for my platform), but I understand that I can minify the source and strip search algorithms I won't use. Is that correct @Yonaba ?
    Sugita Akira
    @viluon 1000x1000 is pretty big. if your game is real time astar in lua may not perform well enough. try jumper quickly to see if it works or not. I ended up using FFI + MicroPather (C++).
    Andrew Kvapil
    thanks for the suggestion, @stakira
    Landon Manning
    For Ludum Dare 35, @shakesoda and I used Jumper in our 3D LOVE game. :) http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=46460
    Colby Klein
    so we did
    Eric Yang
    anyone here?
    Eric Yang
    well nm, i solved my bug lol
    lol @eric_yay_twitter you need to leave us more time than that to respond lol
    hi, I'm having problem with require'jumper.pathfinder'. there seems to be no such module existing...
    I mean the code in the simple example
    Whats your directory layout like?
    You need to copy jumper into your project