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Jun 2015
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 19 2015 16:39
So, did a lot of paradox last night @ZaneDubya , quite impressive, but when used correctly, totally different from XNA. Probably not worth porting UltimaXNA to it, it would basically be a rewrite :(
The newest version added a ton of scene management, and it does a TON of the heaving lifting for you, very much like Unity
Zane Wagner
Jun 19 2015 19:18
@jeffboulanger It sounds like a great engine to work with. One of these days I'll get around to playing with it ;)
I tried JSIL this morning before work - UltimaXNA compiled is about 2mb of javascript, which is pretty cool... but all the framework dlls are another 50mb of javascript, which is not so cool.
I'm sure it would be possible to minify the javascript - but doing so without screwing up the way the framework classes call each other would be a hard problem to solve.
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 19 2015 20:15
Why does uxna need javascript?
Probably be better to just have a uncompiled scripts folder
in C#
like RunUO
Zane Wagner
Jun 19 2015 20:23
Doesn't need javascript... I was recompiling the entire deal into javascript ;)
Not that I intended to release it as such. But still, interesting side project. There might be a more efficient il-to-js cross-compiler out there.
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 19 2015 21:03
microsoft/google/apple all sat down to develop cross browser asm for web
so in a couple years you will be able to use C++ on a browser
for your site
and in 3-4 years, C#
im guessing
Microsoft already has .Net Native
so its only a matter of time before C# is just another native language
scratch apple