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Jun 2015
Zane Wagner
Jun 25 2015 00:35
Done. :)
This spellbook gump has been such a pain! I'll be glad to be done with it. Maybe tomorrow? I already have the code that handles pulling icons off pages implemented, so it should go fairly easily...
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 25 2015 02:21
by the way, i found out gitter has a desktop app today, x-platform too
Zane Wagner
Jun 25 2015 13:50
I should put that on my macs...
New c# to javascript (by way of typescript) transpiler! NetJS
It doesn't implement the entire c# framework, and it has serious issues with chars, but overall it's much better than any I've tried thus far.
I have this virtual cpu assembler/emulator that I'd like to get working in javascript.
NetJS does a much better job with the cpu library than anything else, still not perfect...
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 25 2015 16:02
i dont understand your interest in js :(
if its for scripting, use lua
lua is better for games
and just as easy as js
if not easier
Zane Wagner
Jun 25 2015 16:37
I'm experimenting with running things in the browser. AFAIK, javascript is really the only option there.
For now, anyhow. :)
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 25 2015 16:40
theres more to it then that though
browser stuff is GL
xna is DX
so the big problem is left handed vs right handd systems
you would really just need to start over imo
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 25 2015 20:41
the web would have bigger issues to, like macros :( a lot of hot keys are already assigned to the browser. Not saying it wouldn't be feasible to do a web client, just not really a simple port.