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Jun 2015
Zane Wagner
Jun 26 2015 13:21
@jeffboulanger 100% agreement. If anything ever comes of it I'll be surprised. But it's still a fun experiment. Keeps me from going mad trying to recreate gumps. ;)
In hindsight, I think recreating the spell book was frustrating because it forced me to deal with so many edge cases in the way I was using UI resources that didn't match the legacy client.
Font rendering was a big one. Hueing text was another one.
The html renderer now handles more styles!
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 26 2015 14:24
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 26 2015 18:40
I really dislike that we now have to pay attn to DPI when writing applications
Just really seems like it should be handled by the OS on all levels
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 26 2015 19:32
Funny enough @ZaneDubya , I'm dealing with txt rendering at work now too
i feel your pain ;)