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Jun 2015
Zane Wagner
Jun 27 2015 15:31
NOOO KIDDING on the DPI point!
Windows has always sucked at this, and even in 10, changing dpi can totally futz things up.
Hmm... actually, I'm being too harsh. It no longer totally messes things up, just makes things look bad.
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 27 2015 16:42
Ya but only applications that don't handle DPI look terrible
That will g et better, the whole DPI thing is only recently an issue with monitors getting crazy pixel denisity
My problem with DPI is that when we print in our application at work, you have to render the print document and take DPI into account... on only some things....
which is really annoying
we print in coordinates of 8.5x11 (paper coordinates)
but calculating on that system changes with DPI
its rather annoying
Zane Wagner
Jun 27 2015 19:33
Spell book implemented!
Took forever to get that working, but it looks good. :)
WRT DPI - I've noticed that changing DPI while Windows is running can make the title bars/text look screwy until logout/login.
I feel like Microsoft had an opportunity to fix DPI for applications built on their new frameworks, but they dropped the ball...
I realize that it's a really hard problem because Windows supports so many DPIs... whereas Apple only supports 1x/2x/3x
Jeff Boulanger
Jun 27 2015 19:55
You should report that in their feedback app
They have actually been really fixing a lot of the reported issues