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Jul 2015
Deniz Sökmen
Jul 23 2015 08:48
Aleksandr Denisov
Jul 23 2015 09:53
Guys, I dive into the code and want to help you with UltimaXNA. But can you help me? I'm just confuse with RunUO. My character fall under ground and this problem appear in official client too
maybe someone pass through this?
Patrik Samuel Tauchim
Jul 23 2015 11:33
Hello, you need to have same world datafiles (.mul) from UO for RunUo and client. You cane find how-to setup runuo on internet. This is most common issue for beginners. check in runuo /scripts/misc/datapaths.cs there is configuration for this.
Zane Wagner
Jul 23 2015 12:46
@alerdenisov Try these two changes.
In Scripts\Misc\MapDefinitions.cs, make sure TileMatrixPatch.Enabled and MultiComponentList.PostHSFormat are false.
In Scripts\Misc\CurrentExpansion.cs, make sure Expansion is set to Expansion.ML.
You will probably want to re-download the default data files too, as the npc mobiles are probably all walking around under the floor now ;)
Caveat: these will get you running with the mondains legacy client - not sure what changes you would have to make to get it working on a newer (or older!) client. In fact, if you have a client other than ML installed on your computer, this might not be the best idea ;)
Deniz Sökmen
Jul 23 2015 19:40
hello people, i really appreciate your work for UO in 2015
I thought UltimaXNA was cancelled a few years ago?
Who decided to revive it? I am really glad.