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Jul 2015
Jeff Boulanger
Jul 26 2015 02:05
1260 actually, it's just 21 seconds of video at 60 fps. I have an app called pipp that will center the object to the frame and crop it for each frame, then a program called registax that stacks each frame into 1 image excluding frames that are blurry. Then I use registax to mess with wavelet filtering to enhance the detail, the photoshop to wnhace the contrast,saturation and more detail
Took about 2 hours for Saturn, 1.5 for the moon pic I did
Deniz Sökmen
Jul 26 2015 05:43
Any plans on supporting high seas?
I would like to help if certain formats are documented
AFAIK .uop is like a .zip for mythic
Zane Wagner
Jul 26 2015 16:16
No plans, but if you want to make the effort, we would almost certainly integrate it!
Jeff Boulanger
Jul 26 2015 17:30
Implementing uop would be easy if you look at how open up does it. Would be relatively easy to implement :)