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Aug 2015
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 16:51
anyone here?
Zane Wagner
Aug 09 2015 17:54
Yes, what's up?
Just got back from a quick trip to visit the gf's parents.
How is the UOP business going?
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 19:19
I haven't changed the loaders to see .uop
it should theoretically load .uop now :D
since .uop is like consisting of compressed multiple .mul files
parsing shouldn't be a problem
As I told I imported the stuff from both openuo and runuo
but I am thinking how to integrate the stuff architecturally
Zane Wagner
Aug 09 2015 19:22
@denizsokmen Have you implemented all the UOP files or just a subset?
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 19:22
no no
It can handle loading
but what is needed to change is:
for example you need to load gumps
you say load("gumpart.mul", "gumpidx.mul")
it should be changed to check if the files are UOP and load("gumplegacy.uop")
essentially the .uop contains both idx and the mul itself
but in the end the result is the same as loading .muls
FileManager.cs has a method called CreateFileIndex
you can either input an .uop file with the datatype
or .mul file with its .idx file
you can check actually
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 19:28
it also extracts the client version from client.exe so you can check whether the files are .uop or .mul
these are all from openuo
i just imported from there and integrated
I haven't found a spare time to apply my changes on the loaders..
I have also expanded the tiledata
to support 0x8000 and 0x10000 items
so basically right now, both .mul and .uop loaders return an array of FileIndexEntry
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 19:35
which means they do exactly the same thing because .uop is just a compressed/hashed version of .mul, combined with it's assoicative .idx
Deniz Sökmen
Aug 09 2015 19:58
I hope I can find a spare time but people go on vacation these days and I gotta have responsibility for lots of work :D
which makes me unable to think and focus on something
Zane Wagner
Aug 09 2015 20:32
Sounds like you've made some great progress.