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Sep 2015
Deniz Sökmen
Sep 23 2015 13:22
Uh I don't know what has changed but I can't log in to my server with UltimaXNA. It hangs after character selection
I always used high seas client
no info on debug screen
it just hangs
a few "unhandled packets"
Zane Wagner
Sep 23 2015 13:57
@denizsokmen Sorry to hear that! My standard line is that I'm not going to support any client beyond ML until we get ML working.
I do have one thought, though - someone had a very similar problem to yours; they had changed the client version sent to the server.
Clear your settings.cfg and settings.bak file from the binary directory, and make certain that this line is unchanged in your repo:
Hope this helps...
Just for funsies, if you have a chance would you post the packet ids that are unsupported?
Sep 23 2015 18:53
@denizsokmen i had this issue on POL servers