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Nov 2016
Toni Spets
Nov 03 2016 04:10
right, so what I was seeing was the true felucca new haven?
or what it was because it seemed broken and not just "different"
like that floating piece of roof
Nov 03 2016 11:47
@ZaneDubya regards to LBR clilocs, as I know older clients like 3.x.x does not show "popup texts" when you hover mouse over gump/item/whatever, and also there is no "context menu" when you for example click on Banker
It was added later on, so I don't how it is working
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 11:51
That would explain the missing clilocs ;)
I can't get the LBR install you sent to run with razor - should I be doing something different, or should I be using a different version or razor - or is it pre-patched?
No worries if you don't know - I'd just like to get in and see what it looks like in the real client :)
Toni Spets
Nov 03 2016 12:15
doesn't the context menu come from the server?
like the click event is sent to server when you click an npc and the server handles the popup gump creation
@ZaneDubya you could use RICE to patch the encryption
I did that with the UOML installation for convenience
Nov 03 2016 14:04
@ZaneDubya I never used Razor with this client, only Yoko Injection or Phoenix. I am also using 3.0.6m version instead of 3.0.6j. I don't know if encryption is removed or not but it is multiclient:
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 16:04
ok, thank
Jeff Boulanger
Nov 03 2016 16:19
@hifi Context menu is sent from the server yes
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 22:21
Working on map patches right now.
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 22:27
It's a bit of a complicated fix, but I think it'll work out well.
Also riding the balmer curve.
I've been sick for two weeks now. I think I was hit with two office bugs in quick succession, and my immune system is still reeling :|
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 22:55
So the new map patching works perfectly, as far as I can tell.
But there's still a good amount of rubber banding on invisibles :/
I'm going to merge to master, because it's an improvement.
Does anyone know how to get a list of objects on a given tile? something like [props but for multiple objects?
It's happening in the classic client as well! what the heck
Zane Wagner
Nov 03 2016 23:00
It's a tree!
That doesn't appear in tram.
or is that fel?
Tram. The silly tree doesn't display in tram but the client rubber bands off of it. what the heck.
Well, it happens in the classic client as well, so I'm calling it fixed.
Or "at parity with legacy" ;)