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Nov 2016
Zane Wagner
Nov 15 2016 12:23 UTC
@jorsi I think the way that I'm going to do gump book editing is with htmlgumplings that can handle multiple lines.
This will allow cascading deletes - where you delete a word at the end of the line and the next line's word jumps up to fill the empty space - on the same page, but not cascading deletes across pages.
I'd like to do across pages, but I think it would be too complicated - particularly since you could potentially (unlikely, but possible) have a cascading delete that would lift words from lines across all twenty pages.
And the legacy client has the same limitation.
Jonathon Orsi
Nov 15 2016 21:33 UTC
Do HtmlGumplings already have that functionality? I feel like I tried them before but for some reason didn't end up using them.