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Nov 2016
Zane Wagner
Nov 27 2016 13:37
@hifi I'm taking a good look at InputManager for the first time in years.
I know see why it's so complex.
A lot of the extra stuff is handling the windows input model.
It's harder to manage an event based system, versus state based, which is what XNA/MG does.
That said, you're 100% right, the code could use some serious clean up.
Zane Wagner
Nov 27 2016 13:53
... for example, I think I can get rid of all the xaccumulating lists with a simple lock(m_Events)
Zane Wagner
Nov 27 2016 14:47
Input handling revisions: ZaneDubya/UltimaXNA@5c92e9e
Toni Spets
Nov 27 2016 14:58
right, so you protect the event list against insertions during a frame
the reason why you still need two lists