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  • Jan 02 2019 01:00
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  • Jul 18 2017 22:58
    msx752 commented #317
@ZaneDubya you went bact to underworld? :P
Sean Thorburn
Doesnt anyone have the issue of when you are killed, and are a ghost... you are frozen and cannot move?
Jeremy Roe
A hosted server uor or t2a
Would help a ton...compiled wirh a v6 or v7 or v5 client latest it supports. ... Have it easy to install... :) Also does it worj with uos or razor? I think many would help test if it wa
Jeremy Roe
Jeremy Roe
@ZaneDubya is there a donation page? I would donate $100 for a finished client if it gets picked up on free shards then 5$mo after that. Please do something on paypal... Id donate when its rc1
Anyone have a free server shard setup that i can test the client on?
@jorsi just try helping with what you can look at the open list of issues too
@Jer_Roe_twitter download servuo and you wil have free shard for tests
Jeremy Roe
Ya dont have alot of time... I also like testing interactions with others for bugs.
@Jer_Roe_twitter https://www.polserver.com/shards.php maybe this will help
What is up?
Mustafa Salih ASLIM
someone has to lead the project until zanedubya come back otherwise meaningless to open-source .
So take the lead :)
Mustafa Salih ASLIM
okey np, anybody who needs to improve this project can create a PR on my develop branch until @ZaneDubya come back.
Marcelo Paez
so hows the project doing?
Jonathon Orsi
I've started chipping away at it again
Hopefully get some momentum going
Any news ?
Me and a friend are developing to this project. We are at a good point! Some fix/implemented feature:
  • support latest packets, - support uop animations, -fix and some addons to controls an gumps, - updated login/createdchars gump and added Choosetown after createchar gump, - general fix, but maybe i forgot something :smile:
(im enhancedmap dev and my friend is razorenhanced dev)
Proj is private now,
But if @ZaneDubya wants we can publish it
( @ZaneDubya if you want help us, we are very very happy!!!)
Valentyn Andrushko
@Pack4Duck Can I see ur code for uop animation? We're not finished with that at Orion
I dont understand why people are developing this instead of helping with Orion. XNA is dead, this project is too :/
Yazeed Al Oyoun
Hello everyone.
hey guys
is anyone of you still active? ^^
Mustafa Salih ASLIM
are there any active project on Ultima Online with c# ?