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    He is exploring a TSS solution. You cannot package a transaction within another transaction’s data field in Scilla.
    Hybridverse Blockchain
    I see, I put him in touch with our CTO as he's the coding expert and see if we can collaborate on this
    Hybridverse Blockchain
    @ahmed.i.shenawy_gitlab check above
    Ahmed El-Shenawy
    Thats understandable. Looking forward for more details about the TSS solution from Cameron
    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I'm the newer member of the zilliqa team, i'm a developer evangelist, so really here to help figuring out how to best onboard developers, and provide assistance.
    I'm still getting setup, reading some of the past convos as well. If anybody has suggestions or feedback about their development experience with the Zilliqa platform, feel free to contact me here or at gareth@zilliqa.com
    Sho Nagai
    How many TPS on mainnet now?
    I can only see 0.00 on viewBlock.
    Hybridverse Blockchain
    Yeah... why is that? Also node map doesn't show all the nodes
    Hybridverse Blockchain
    Seems a issue on viewblock end especially the node map, they gonna fix eventually
    Because it shows the same static number of nodes in the same locations
    meanwhile the nodes section on the main page is dynamic
    Other than this, is probably the best explorer I have ever used so far, very clean and detailed
    Hey everybody, we're considering starting bi-weekly calls for the Zilliqa dev community. We created a quick survey to gage the community's interest and the topics we should bring up during the call. So, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey, I'll be collecting the results all week and looking to set the first call next week:
    Hey everybody, we're having our first dev call this Friday 9 am Singapore time ( 9pm EST), here is the invite:
    Hello zilliqa team.
    Is it possible to get a lot of Zil in testnet?
    I'd like to need 100k order Zil for our test project.
    Amrit Kumar
    Hello @winor30! Can you DM me your address?
    @AmritKumar Thank you so much!
    I sent it.
    Hey everybody, we'll be having our second dev community call this Thursday! Join in if you can (we'll have a recording as well):

    Gary Mensah is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Zilliqa Dev Community Call #2
    Time: Sep 5, 2019 09:30 PM Singapore

    Join Zoom Meeting

    One tap mobile
    +16465588656,,311147972# US (New York)
    +17207072699,,311147972# US (Denver)

    Dial by your location
    +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
    +1 720 707 2699 US (Denver)
    Meeting ID: 311 147 972
    Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aduFNnTYoL


    I’d like to ask you how to avoid CHAIN_CALL_DIFF_SHARD error at Zilliqa’s contract.

    I deployed a contract which has transition with chain call to other contract in testnet.
    Normally, it is possible to send transaction to contract.
    But it has error when sending transaction by using some account.

    Following is the transactions results.
    It seemd that the error that code is 16 occured and its code means CHAIN_CALL_DIFF_SHARD.
    So what is the condition for this error?
    Also how can I avoid it?

    Viewblock link

    curl -d '{
        "id": "1",
        "jsonrpc": "2.0",
        "method": "GetTransaction",
        "params": ["ca0ecc69dc21e6d83d13ba5dac809fe94b4d389f77bbc48ae90edd1a569c483b"]
    }' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST "https://dev-api.zilliqa.com/“
                "errors": {
                    "1": [
    Amrit Kumar
    You may have to set priority to true when you create your transaction data.
    @AmritKumar Thank you for your reply!
    It worked by setting priority=true!!
    Hey everybody, we are moving to Discord! The Zilliqa Official server is live:
    we will keep Gitter around for a while, but our attention and support will be mostly happening on Discord from now on.
    Aveesh Shetty
    How can apply for developer evangelist?
    how to convert the senderPubKey to address, by steps
    are there any zilliqa libraries to support c#
    Amrit Kumar
    @sankararaokgmail You may want to ask your question on Discord
    Bogdan Sizov

    Nov 03 2018 @Sajjon mentioned deeplinking support in Zupreme wallet.

    Where can i found today Zupreme wallet or any other Zilliqa official wallets with Deeplink Send API supported?

    Thank you!

    dushyant reddy
    Helo I need some support on my wallet who to contact. Help please
    Amrit Kumar
    @dushyant_reddyp_twitter Please reach out on Discord or TG.
    Hey can anyone in here help me out? I am trying to do a Zilliqa tutorial which requires testnet Zil so I can deploy the contract, however https://dev-wallet.zilliqa.com/faucet? gave me a "too many attempts" error on my first request....and the problem persists. Any thoughts?
    Hello, they sent me some "zil" to the xZill Wallet, with my address. But I can't find where they are? Help me please.
    Hi there guys I recently downloaded the app xzill https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wallet.zilliqa and I put in some zilliqa , I tried taking it out but i think somethings wrong with the app, but it gives an option for exporting wallet, I even emailed the app owner there is no reply, I am kindly begging you guys if you guys can please advice me on what I can do to get my zilliqa out, Thank you very much and I appreciate your kind advice and help
    @deltolla_twitter I feel you bro , I am in the same situation sadly :(
    Hi, i can't send my zil out of the xZil wallet to another wallet. It keeps saying pleass try again.
    Can someone help please, i cant withdraw my zil from the wallet.
    Hi I am unable to get my Zil out of the wallet.. It's showing try again!
    Can someone please help
    It seems this is a scam wallet unfortunately
    Hi anybody there?