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    Joel Yarde
    Here's a request/response pair:

    curl -d '{
    "id": "1",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "GetTransaction",
    "params": ["64fde0551b64248cfb111d81dd20adf684e2de26d6453caa556ca49b3cb64c49"]
    }' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST "https://dev-api.zilliqa.com/"

    "id": "1",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": {
    "ID": "64fde0551b64248cfb111d81dd20adf684e2de26d6453caa556ca49b3cb64c49",
    "amount": "0",
    "gasLimit": "100000",
    "gasPrice": "10000000000",
    "nonce": "7",
    "receipt": {
    "cumulative_gas": "11452",
    "epoch_num": "696426",
    "success": true
    "senderPubKey": "0x02F169504B7ED8E69A7F2B07DCC0F246D6000B686873E5EF3D82B10F86994F2E37",
    "signature": "0x7E09F78A4F924FF734E1A1CC0991100BB3C5720DE778907502B44CF985CAA945B0D538B040B619F2B771BDC935F8861C3CB248EC4CBECCB7832531DC3EE06DBB",
    "toAddr": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "version": "21823489"

    ViewBlock is able to label all transactions by type but I can't see anything in this JSON-RPC response to allow that
    Vladimir Protasevich
    @AmritKumar @evesnow91 could someone check this issue Zilliqa/Zilliqa#1797, it's a show stopper for us
    Cameron Sajedi
    @Snuff This also confused me at first, the wire format for the Zilliqa RPC is entirely JSON. Protobufs are not used externally, I haven't double checked they aren't used internally either. It's a bit of a hassle because JSON is not by default safe to sign and send. Protobufs are backed by predictable byte structures and stronger typing. Using a .proto file does help mitigate these problems however.
    Chris P
    hey team
    playing around with dapps on testnet
    just wondering where to get testnet zil?
    Amrit Kumar
    There is a faucet available
    Hi team
    Amrit Kumar

    Could anyone please kindly tell me how I can deploy my own private testnet with multiple machines?

    I know I can run a local testnet for a single machine following the instruction.

    Eugene Domosedov
    Hi team
    Using Ruby SDK, when trying to create smart contract and deploy it, i got error
    example from readme smart contracts - same story
    Server error -26: CHAIN_ID incorrect
    What i can do?
    Eugene Domosedov

    the problem above is not relevant, now when i create a new smart contract
    i got response

     "Info"=>"Contract Creation txn, sent to shard",

    but transaction is not created, error - Txn Hash not Present
    relevant question without answer - Zilliqa/Zilliqa#1776

    Amrit Kumar
    @ID25 Are you on testnet on mainnet?
    Eugene Domosedov
    @AmritKumar mainnet
    Eugene Domosedov
    @AmritKumar i tried create contract in testnet, the same error Txn Hash not Present
    Amrit Kumar
    @ID25 Could you post your code?
    I mean the contract code and the init.json?
    Eugene Domosedov
    @AmritKumar init.json it is GetSmartContractInit value?
    Eugene Domosedov


    contract params

    to_addr: '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000'
    amount: '0',
    code: @code.gsub('/\\', ''),
    data: @init.to_json.gsub('\\"', '"')
    Amrit Kumar
    @ID25 Is it possible to pass me the contract code?
    My first guess would be the gas limit is low.
    Hey everybody, we are moving to Discord! The Zilliqa Official server is live:
    we will keep Gitter around for a while, but our attention and support will be mostly happening on Discord from now on.
    Eugene Domosedov


    I mean the contract code and the init.json?

    contract code - https://gist.github.com/ID25/cf643e8b2b170640b1ce3dd7f2bf6e91
    i try to create smart contract in both mainnet, testnet, but transaction hash not present

    Amrit Kumar
    @ID25 Please check Discord.
    Hi everyone, I have a question about who should packet the transaction into a block. Specifically, if a transaction is a cross-shard transaction from shard A to shard B (sender at A, receiver at B), then after the transaction is executed, should the committee in shard A packet the transaction into its micro block or should both of the committees in shard A and B packet the transaction into their blocks?
    Amrit Kumar
    @wdwd5wd Could please paste this question on Discord?
    @AmritKumar where?
    Amrit Kumar

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    Aveesh Shetty
    Hey guys. Love your addon.
    I have the following question. I love using addresses beyond the first one - 3rd, 4th and so on.
    Let say something happens to you, and you stop developing, or Chrome bans addons. How can we export our private keys without the addon? I tried with ledger and other apps / add ons, it only identifies the first address. How can we export the rest?
    It would be similar to the standalone tool by iancoleman. I have figured out BTC, ETH, other projects, but I cannot figure out ZIL, despite the fact I know the derivation path. I believe that would be apply for everyone who uses an address beyond the first one.
    is there an limit on transfers?
    Amrit Kumar
    Octavio Amuchástegui
    hey everybody!
    I just connected because Im dealing with some crosschain implementation and my code was based on the chainid but then noticed zilliqa use the same id as ethereum. Looking to the file of chains seems to me the idea was to pick a number that is diff from the other chains. Or don't know maybe I'm missing something https://chainid.network/
    женя я не ж
    hey guys! i was wondering are there any resourses to push signed hex transaction to the network?
    Hey,one question how long do transactions usually last on zilpay?Its been few hours since my withdrawal from staking site and the transaction is still pending
    Hello, deployment of contracts on the testnet seems to take unusually long... i have tried deploying even some of the contracts on the savant IDE but they also take unusually long. Could the service be down or is this issue on my side ?
    Sergii Bomko
    Hey! Does anyone could send test zil to zil1d97cd2efl76cx825cvxrtjfyp78yjd457kk3gd? Faucet seems do not work?
    Daniel Fechio