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Repo info
    hey just wondering if you saw my comment on a8m/angular-filter#74
    I have the changes and unit tests sitting on my computer :worried:
    Ariel Mashraki
    @SoundLogic saw it now.
    mm.. what are you waiting for ? make a PR. haha
    haha ok yeah I kinda forgot about it until I saw you made a gitter
    will submit today or tomorrow, latest
    @a8m submitted: a8m/angular-filter#95
    I'm not sure why this is happening, but I had to modify the karma config files to run on my local machine - I didn't check those in so I'm surprised to see the build is failing.. wondering if it could have something to do with line endings?
    looking at the diff I'm not sure what else it could be - tests were passing for me
    Warning: Task "karma:build" failed. Use --force to continue.
    Aborted due to warnings.
    npm ERR! Test failed. See above for more details.
    npm ERR! not ok code 0
    any ideas?
    (I should have done this on my mac...)
    This message was deleted
    disregard that last message - using on a mobile phone is not the best experience
    can anyone help me ouut with an issue ???
    Pulkit Singhal
    Not sure but doesn't hurt to ask ;)
    Darrel O'Pry
    I'm working on an update to range...
    but grunt test is dying on karma build...
    I'm on windows 8.1 with node 0.12. Gonna poke at it a bit. wondering if anyone else had run into the same
    Darrel O'Pry
    figured out what as going on.. The coverage reporter was hiding all the cli output. commented it out and got my stuff done.
    is there a way to do groupBy on multiple properties?
    Sibelius Seraphini
    hey @a8m can I help you merging some pull requests?
    Jeremy Carlsten
    So I just realized that filter differs in it's self. I've got an object and a search term; however, I don't want to search on one of the object's properties. If I use filter: { fname: term, lname: term } It acts as an 'and' but if you use the entire object filter: term it works like an or.... I need the or but without one property. Ideas?
    nvmd got it.
    Andreia Silva Aguiar
    Thomas White
    Haven't seen anyone in here in a long time
    Andreia Silva Aguiar
    anyone know if we can not user groupBy in angularjs?
    I am getting this error...Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: groupByFilterProvider <- groupByFilter
    Andreia Silva Aguiar
        <ul class="list" ng-show="tickets.length !==0 ">
            <li ng-repeat="(key, items) in discounts |orderBy: ['TicketType', 'Name'] | groupBy: '[TicketType, Name]'">
                TicketType: {{key}}, Name: {{items[0].Name}}, Total: {{getVolumeSum(items)}}
    I am sorry if I am doing the basic question, but I am very new with angularjs
    Thomas White
    Looks like you don't have the module added to your project to me
    Andreia Silva Aguiar
    sorry but which module?
    Thomas White
    hi ppl! i have a question about injecting angular-filter
    this is my init file
    where i connect all my modules
    but this one is somehow not working
    all the directory path is correct, do you have some advice?
    Michael Powell

    Hello - hoping someone can help me out here.
    say I have the following object set to var addressResults =

    {Address: "1234 CALIBRE-CREEK PKWY",  City: "ATLANTA ", State: "GA"},
    {Address: "123 MICHAEL RD",  City: "ATLANTA ", State: "GA"},
    {Address: "1234 POWELL ST",  City: "ATLANTA ", State: "GA"}

    I want to filter on the Address field using the Street Name provided in the search form which is set to a var called streetName.
    In my Angular Ctrl would it be a line like below??

    var filteredData = $filter('contains')(addressResults, streetName);

    For example if I wanted to filter on the Street Name 'Calibre Creek'.

    var filteredData = $filter('contains')(addressResults, 'Calibre Creek');