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    added go1.3 and removed go1.11 #244 added envprofile flag on … Merge pull request #263 from go… and 5 more (compare)

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Jeevanandam M.
@eduardoslopes I don't have specific examples, could you please refer to aah test cases and let me know?
Jeevanandam M.
@/all ANN: aah v0.12.3 & cli v0.13.4 released! - Bug fix release.
Adrián López
beautiful, thanks for the fix @jeevatkm :rocket:
Casian Lacatusu

Hey guys! I'm trying to setup an aah project but I'm getting this error when trying to aah run

go build golang_org/x/crypto/cryptobyte/asn1: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/crypto/cryptobyte/asn1.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/net/dns/dnsmessage: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/net/dns/dnsmessage.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/crypto/curve25519: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/crypto/curve25519.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/text/transform: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/text/transform.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/crypto/internal/chacha20: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/crypto/internal/chacha20.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/crypto/poly1305: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/crypto/poly1305.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/net/http2/hpack: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/net/http2/hpack.a: permission denied
go build golang_org/x/text/unicode/bidi: open /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/vendor/golang_org/x/text/unicode/bidi.a: permission denied

exit status 1

Has anyone encountered this?

Jeevanandam M.

@kwix It seems like you're running into $GOROOT/pkg permission issue. There are two ways go about it -

  1. Provide permission to user (build user) to have write permission to $GOROOT/pkg
  2. Remove the -i option from flags attribute on aah.project

Please try and let me know.

@kwix FYI, The correct place to install system packages is under $GOROOT/pkg.
Casian Lacatusu
Hey @jeevatkm! Thank you for the help. Removing the "-i" flag did the job.
Not sure why it didn't work otherwise. I got the standard golang (1.11.4) installation, nothing fancy
Jeevanandam M.
@kwix I believe you're doing cross compile. Its known thing with golang cross compile build. As I mentioned above its related to "Provide permission to user (build user) to have write permission to $GOROOT/pkg". If you search on the net, you could find references to it.
i flag tells to cmd go build to install the build packages. So it needs write permission.
Does the framework work with appengine? Any docs on the same?
Jeevanandam M.
@hudsonvalleycloudcomputing Thanks for trying aah. Currently appengine specific docs not exists. I do not have personal account on GCP to try it out also I have learn how appengine works. Technically aah framework should work. First we have to try out and address any issues comes up.
Is it possible to try at your end and work with me for any issues pops up?
@jeevatkm you does amazing job !!! :)
Jeevanandam M.
@udomsak Thank you :smile:
Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm can I ask here question about Thumbai?
I cannot reverse proxify it correctly. It works, login page loads, but login button redirects me to https://$host:$port/ instead of just https://$host/
Savely Krasovsky
I don't think that such hacks are the solution:
sub_filter '//$host:8083/' '//$host/'; sub_filter_once off;
Jeevanandam M.

@L11R Thanks for sharing your concerns. THUMBAI Proxy does not manipulate the request/response body content. I best guess is; targeted application might be producing a HTML content like that.

Your scenario is typical usage, I have many such hosts configured. This is live instance of THUMBAI https://aahframework.org/thumbai/login . Please use credentials as readonly/readonly have a look on proxy configurations.

I'm looking forward to improve THUMBAI, fix any issues. To track this issue, could you please also create an issue here https://github.com/thumbai/thumbai/issues and Kindly check your application end.

Could you use slack channel for thumbai https://gophers.slack.com/messages/CEQJ9EJPR/ :smile:

Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm maybe you didn't understand me correctly. I didn't even set it up :D
When I go at mydomain.com/thumbai/login page I cannot even login because when I press "Login" button itself, site redirects me at mydomain.com:8080/thumbai/login page. Where I am getting 404 of course.
Jeevanandam M.
@L11R Okay, it seems you're running THUMBAI on port 8080. Because for THUMBAI that's the port allocated, so thumbai HTML response come with that https://$host:$port/. Ideally proxy setup are done at entry point, e.g.: port 80 Could you try it on let me know? I hope I got your explanation this time.
Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm Yeah, you got. I reverse proxify it with Nginx that runs at 80 and 443.
Thumbai runs at localhost:8080
location / {
        proxy_set_header Host $host;
        proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $host;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;
        proxy_pass http://localhost:8080/;
So I don't know how to resolve it without using sub_filter nginx module.
Jeevanandam M.
@L11R THUMBAI proxy is same nature of nginx. So it replaces any proxy tool in the segment. In your case THUMBAI proxy is one of the application/path route for nginx. Currently I'm not sure how best we can handle via thumbai.conf for scenario "THUMBAI behind another proxy tool". I will think about it. If you have a suggestion, propose it while creating an issue on given URL.
Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm reverse proxy is popular thing, isn't it? I mean I didn't have infinity IPs at VPS, Nginx allows me to have as many virtual hosts as I want to. I don't see here strange use case, it's pretty popular case for small VPS and large production environments where EVERY external service is reverse proxified.
Jeevanandam M.
@L11R You're correct, I know, I'm not denying that fact. I have explained the THUMBAI proxy is similar to other proxy tool (Not up to Nginx capabilities).
Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm got it. But well, it based at aah, that also could not be reverse proxified such way? (sorry, i didn't use it, so don't know)
As far as I got it, THUMBAI is sort of precompiled hardened aah build with predefined functionality.
Jeevanandam M.

@L11R aah framework has NO limitation as such, you could bend it as you want; aah follows industry practices very well. So you will not have any issues.

It just when I developed THUMBAI, I have developed with certain goals in mind. For example: Thumbai core feature is Go Mod repository, Go vanity server. I didn't put much effort on Proxy feature. That's why it has limitation. I have addressed it by user inputs and suggestions.

Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm Okay, I got you point.
Can I somehow fix it by rebuilding THUMBAI?
sub_filter does not work because of enabled gzip I guess.
Jeevanandam M.
Yes, you can. Clone this repo https://github.com/thumbai/thumbai and update it. If you make it generic/configurable way, you could send PR too. We can release it everyone.
Savely Krasovsky
@jeevatkm yeah, would be nice. But I need to found out how aah works :D It seems pretty complex to me currently.
Jeevanandam M.

In thumbai this file could be your interest I think https://github.com/thumbai/thumbai/blob/master/app/thumbai.go and refer to these two doc page https://docs.aahframework.org/routes-config.html and https://docs.aahframework.org/deployment.html

Running THUMBAI locally have a look configs here at https://github.com/thumbai/thumbai/tree/master/dev-files

Ping me when have any questions.

NOTE: all aah OOTB configurations you could use it with THUMABI easily.
Eduardo Lopes
Hi guys, do you know how can I map a service with a query param to receive an array? Like this: GET /state?point=[-4.969750, -39.018362]
Eduardo Lopes
I tried something like that:
type MyController struct {

func (a *MyController) MyMethod(point []float64) {

Afandy Lamusu
Hi.. Its me Afandy Nice to meet the community
I would like to implement GraphQL with aah controller. Did any one have it?
aah framework

@/all Hello aah users -

Thank you for using aah framework.

I want to keep you informed about the upcoming aah directions and goals. Also, I would like to convey my apologies for the unexpected in-activeness that happened in aah development due to my day work priorities and commitments.

I want to bring the following improvements and changes in aah framework direction.

  • Performing foundation level improvements and organizing the modules with Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Optimize, streamline aah code generations for aah user codebase
  • Planning to do frequent releases after v0.14.0 release and engaging with user feedback. I know this is going to be a challenging one, but I'm going to aim for it
  • Make aah further modular and publish aah developer documentations. Encouraging contributors and creating minimal entry path to contribute. It sparked from aah health module contribution by @adrianlop.

I'm going to make v0.13.0 release as soon as possible with currently completed enhancements, catch up few issues and bug fixes.

I am aiming to release v0.14.0 anytime before the end of the year.

I'm looking forward to your support and co-operation.

~ Jeeva

Is aah framework being used in production? Wich companies uses this framework?
Joel Serrano
I can tell you 2 companies I know about that successfully use aah framework in production:
One is voice communications operator in Panama: vozelia.com.pa
Another is a mobile communications app in US with worldwide presence: textplus.com
Do you have any specific doubts regarding the framework when it comes to performance or anything?