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Apr 2016
Apr 22 2016 06:16
did you try it via warehouse or just local rpm install?
i.e. you need to have qt5-qtwebsockets rpm. @abranson 's repo has it so warehouse should pull in automatically. otherwise you can add repo manually as per readme
Andrew Branson
Apr 22 2016 08:51
Yes, you can install the websockets rpm manually, or just add the repo.
you'll need the devel one if you want to build it, on your MerSDK VM
i updated the build instructions in the readme yesterday
Christopher Frost
Apr 22 2016 09:10
I have qt5-qtwebsockets and qt5-qtwebsockets-devel in my build vm, and I can build with no problems (Using the instructions on the Readme). I installed the app on my Jolla via rpm though, not through the warehouse. So I suspect it failed for the reason you say, I'll go add the repo on my phone and see what happens.
Andrew Branson
Apr 22 2016 09:13
Glad to hear it builds ok. I didn't actually go to the trouble of resetting my build vm to test it thoroughly :)
The WebSockets lib probably won't change though, so it would be fine to add that manually too.
Christopher Frost
Apr 22 2016 16:05
Added it manually and my custom modified version of rockpool is installing and running fine now. (as well as building)
Thanks for the pointer.