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May 2016
May 20 2016 19:27
Hi @abranson , would you be able to ask Katharine whether timeline flags are still used by new firmware in pebble? libpebble seems to be ignorant about them, however still keeps the field present. Rockwork uses flag-allDay, flag-singleEvent and flag-UTC. so I wonder whether we should keep (and maybe extend) them or can just remove and pad with zeros instead.
Andrew Branson
May 20 2016 20:44
She's been away just lately, I think she had surgery or something. Best thing to do is stick to what libpebble2 has.
May 20 2016 20:48
Oh, ok. The thing is libpebble misses almost everything regarding timeline - mere protocol definition. So definition has the flag field. The functionality is implemented in pypkjs. But pypkjs again implements mere timeline - no notifications, or some other corner cases. And falgs outlined in rockwork are actually corner cases.
yep, that's it
on the other hand - pypkjs is still doing notifications (those attached to pins) and reminders. And for them flags is always 0.
hence to me it seems flags are deprecated. And in new implementation I'm also keeping it 0