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May 2016
Andrew Branson
May 29 2016 08:19
Ok, will do!
Btw, My messaging notifications don't seem to be creating alerts on the watch. They're in the Notifications app, but silently. Also, when I first sync the calendar, all reminders from the last couple of days appear at once. Are you getting that?
May 29 2016 08:20
uhm, didn't actually test reminders but let me check reminders validation rule, maybe i reversed time check by mistype
does it show future notifications at all? it should cut off all reminders older than 10min
future reminders
May 29 2016 08:27
oh yeah
    if(at < QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc().addSecs(15*60)) // ain't no expired reminders!
which should be
if(at > QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc().addSecs(-15*60)) // ain't no expired reminders!
i.e. show notifications not older than 15min old
timelinemanager.cpp:248 - can you correct and try?
May 29 2016 08:32
didn't know one can create silent notifications. what's json dump of such notification?