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Aug 2016
Andrew Branson
Aug 04 2016 18:06
sorry for the lack of beta :)
I figured your repo is already the beta.
Tbh, it could have been 1.0 at your original timeline implementation. Rockwork is up to 1.3 and doesn't do half of it.
People will assume that Rockwork is more mature because it has a higher version number :D
Aug 04 2016 18:07
yea, nevermind, just slight misunderstanding, I was just trying (unsuccessfully) to speedup completion of weather/sms apps till release, now can do on normal mode :)
we're more modest on versioning %)
so now let's just increase with weather to .1 and then sms .1 and then bugfix .1 - and we're on 1.3 :P
Andrew Branson
Aug 04 2016 19:12
Exactly what I was thinking ;)