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Sep 2016
Sep 30 2016 08:02
It seems it was really excessive logging causing higher battery consumption. There're still some spikes (probably unrelated to rockpool) but in general battery graph slope is less steep now
Andrew Branson
Sep 30 2016 14:27
ah cool. i've noticed that the timeline sync happens really often too. every 30 seconds or so. is that normal?
Sep 30 2016 15:26
well in reference design (pypkjs) it's every 15sec. I've tried various timings over different commits and I think I ended up now with 2min.
with 15sec system is unable to sleep - as sleep timer cannot fire up, being interrupted by timer. With 30sec it can sleep but still a bit too agressive
Or actually no, i see it's really 30sec. So then bigger delay didn't provide any improvement. bcz I've tried from 5sec to 2min
the thing is that timeline pins could be injected by watchapp, and in that case long delay breaks up interactive user experience