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Nov 2016
Andrew Branson
Nov 06 2016 10:40
I clicked the new rebase option - thought it would give a cleaner tree. hasn't it worked properly? it built ok...
haven't had much luck building with silica webview in devel, but that's qt5.6. I'm creating a 2.0.5 target to see if I can manage something there
Andrew Branson
Nov 06 2016 11:20
good news - just needs a rebuild to work in 2.0.5. must be an ABI change or something?
Nov 06 2016 12:31
yes I'd prefer older merge than this rebase, as after rebase I need to re-rebase with you and force-push. a bit messy
as for abi - not sure, gecko is highly dynamic - assembling itself on the load, it might just fail to dyn-link itself
api part is quite sparse for qtmozembed, just a handful of calls, the rest is loaded runtime