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No idea
New here as well...
César Souza
Hi there, not yet. Support for deep learning in Accord.NET will come through Keras-Sharp (https://github.com/cesarsouza/keras-sharp)
Abhimanyu Aryan
Hey I'm new to machine learning. I'm a Game Developer
Any resources(maths/logic) you would suggest me for ML/DL? So, I can pick Accord.net APIs & also know what's happening underneath
Răzvan Flavius Panda
Abhimanyu Aryan
thanks @razvan-panda
Hashem Zavvari
Hi everybody, a fundamental question busy my mind for a long time (May I wrong : )
Why Accord.NET, until exist wrappers for powerful OpenCv in .NET and deep learning libraries like TensorFlow, CNTK (support C#)?
I googling about Accord.NET performance comparison (e.g. image processing), key advantages and I've got nothing a satisfy answer :(
César Souza

Hi Hashem, I would say the main point is that Accord.NET has a higher level of abstraction than the libraries you mentioned, and unlike them it is a unified framework where you can treat images, text, audio, under similar interfaces. And those interfaces also happen to depend on very fundamental .NET types such as jagged and multidimensional matrices, so even if you need to interop with other libraries such as OpenCV or CNTK you do not have to rewrite your application from scratch to use them. You can select things to use from Accord.NET and from OpenCV for example (that's part of the reason for the "accord" name).

Also, since the main goal is to offer an unified experience, Accord.NET can eventually be extended to use those libraries. For example, the .Neuro project will soon be updated to use TensorFlow/CNTK under the hood, but hopefully with a simpler API.

If I had to pick an example I would say that Accord.NET is like scikit-learn for Python, except that it also includes more fundamental libraries such as for mathematics and image processing if you need.

Hashem Zavvari
@cesarsouza Thanks to fast reply and fully explanation. Accord is great, friendly and my favorite and thank u for introducing and spend ur time for it :)
Accord is applicable and very nice, but still slow in speedy applications than OpenCv. (in some cases e.g. acquiring Image Data, image processing like perform filters is very slow :(
Hashem Zavvari
@cesarsouza I also glad to hear good news about improve Accord on deep learning :)
Jorn Vanloofsvelt
Hello, is there a way to get a weighted average probability from a GaussianMixtureModel?
Jorn Vanloofsvelt
I want to know the probability of a certain input to be produced by the mixture
Hi guys!
I am new here
I would love to contribute to accord-net!
i think the git repo will have details on how to contrib
Hey guys, I just submitted pull request #1326. This adds support to Accord.Video.DirectShow.VideoCaptureDevice for programatically getting/setting signal processor properties (i.e. gain, brightness, hue, etc). Can I get this merged?
Christian Kahr
hello accord guys - does ACCORD give user the possibility to use "http://accord-framework.net/docs/html/T_Accord_Statistics_Models_Regression_NonlinearRegression.htm" (this example) but without! computing the Gradient? And do Accord has some classes for finding the global Minimum of the corresponding Regression error function (not just local)?
Hi there accord developers
Christian Kahr
Hi. How are You :)
Hi all,Accord.Math.Transform does not include "Inverse FFT" or "Inverse DFT",where can I find it?Thanks
Augusto Radtke
Hi team, is there any documentation regarding which methods can throw which exceptions? For example PolynomialLeastSquares can throw a SingularMatrixException on Learn. I couldn't find anything on the website, thanks.
Hashem Zavvari
Hi everyone. Does anyone has any news about Dr. Cesar? He have not been active in the last few months. I worry about him.
Anybody knows how to fit data with a 4PL model (or even better with 5PL)? I tried using LevenbergMarquardt but the results are poor. You can check my code on StackOverflow ( https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52535521/fitting-4pl-with-levenbergmarquardt )
Can anyone help me for my comment on #1131, I am stuck trying all the solution already provided there!
Gritsenko Sergey
Hello. I can not find the NuGet package Accord.Imaging.WPF
Is there an example implemented on WPF?
Hi everyone
Marwin Schmitt
Hi! I've made a small fix for issue #1659 (that I also created ;) )... but I'm new to github and can't push my branch ... I get
git push --set-upstream origin C45_invalid_leafs_fix
remote: Permission to accord-net/framework.git denied to marshmit.
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/accord-net/framework.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403
... probably I'm not doing it the wrong way ... but the pull request help just says ... push your branch & create pull request ... I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong
Marwin Schmitt
So I fork accord on my account, submitted the branch there and then did the pull request ... is that the way it should be done? If so maybe it should be put on the contribution page...
also I get a message that two checks failed. "AppVeyor build failed" and "The Travis CI build failed" - from what I can see in the messages things that have really nothing to do with my code ...
Hi, someone to help me in problem #1712 ?
Nobody here?
Bradley Turner
I made a pull reques at long time agow and it has not been picked up?
is there any way someone could take a look at this

Hi Guys,

I am new with machine learning and I would like to know the best practices (kind of images) to train a ksvm and bow.

I want to capture video and audio by using "Accord.Video.FFMPEG",but I can capture video only ,not audio
I've been looking through the documentation for a few hours but haven't found anything promising yet: does Accord.Audio support resampling of audio signals?
If not, is that a feature that would be appropriate to add to Accord.Audio?
I'm investigating an alternative library for my use case (https://github.com/ar1st0crat/NWaves) but am open to trying my hand at adding resampling to Accord.Audio
Anyone knows SciSharp? What's the difference between accord-net and SciSharp?